Honorable Mention at CHI 2019

Sarah Inman and Professor David Ribes, part of the Data Ecologies Laboratory, have been awarded an Honorable Mention at CHI 2019. The paper, “Beautiful Seams: Strategic Revelations and Concealments” offers a review of literature on a debate that occurred first, within the field of Ubiquitous Computing, but spread to CHI and beyond, in which design scholars argued that seamlessness had long been an implicit and privileged design virtue. In stitching together multiple threads from prior work on sociotechnical design practice and theory, this research demonstrates the value that a literature review can contribute to the CHI community. The work was authored as part of a larger study seeking to inform the design of data archives and interfaces that treat the history of data as seamful, or rather an approach to design that strategically reveals and conceals certain aspects of human and technological operations.

Os Keyes